YouTube Subtitles

If you want to create captions (subtitles) for YouTube, the software Subtitle Your Video will walk you through the process of creating and managing your YouTube caption text.   When finished, you will receive exactly what you need – an SRT file to upload to YouTube.   Work on your subtitles, modify, edit, and review plus watch the subtitles live on the web until you approve.   If   you would like business subtitling professionals to support you with services and/or translation, use the Contact fields on the right to request a FREE ESTIMATE.

The Process

The process for YouTube is the basic process for Subtitle Your Video.   At the end, you will download an “srt file” for each language and follow the instructions to upload it to YouTube.     At the same time, you can download a web video package with a free subtitle video player for your own website, and elements for a DVD.

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Here you will be guided to upload your movie into Subtitle Your Video, then stepped through the process of creating subtitles (aka "captions") in the video's original language.   Once you have subtitles in the original language, then you will proceed to translation using your preferred translator,   click for automated translation (then edit and refine the results), or sit back and relax while the translation process is managed for you by a pro. Whichever approach you choose, the srt file required for YouTube subtitles will download at a click.

Always ready online

Your project is stored in your own private online database. Come back again and again to edit, add new languages, and review the results - around the world, if you like.   And if you need to make a quick change or update, it can be done in minutes!