Translation Options

Do-It-Yourself or “Wiki-style”
If you translate yourself, with friends, or “wiki-style” (group participation), all translation is free of charge. For example, if you are a global company, you can assign people in your branch offices to translate – just give them a password and the rest is easy! If you are a native speaker or a translator yourself, this is a perfect software for you to do-it-yourself.

Automated translation
If you choose automated translation, it is recommended that you have a friend “clean” any potential errors from the automated translation. Automated translation is not perfect and really should be “cleaned” for accuracy.

Auto-translation “cleaned” by a general translator
With a click, you can outsource the clean up effort to a translator of general qualifications, greatly improving the auto-translation. But this approach is no match for the natural, beautiful flow of words that comes from a qualified, professional translator. General translators are weak on industry-specific terminology unless you provide a glossary.

Qualified, professional translator
Use the Contact fields to request a fine translator with a click. Translators have been hand-picked and quality tested, and they have proven themselves over the years. Many are PhD’s, have Masters in translation, are certified by the U.S. State Department or American Translators Association, or have similar qualifications. If you have never managed professional translation and you are working on a project that you want to be premium quality, you can relax because all translators are qualified professionals with decades of experience.


More about automated translation

This automated translation software generally provides better results than the freeware peppering the internet. However, no translation software can compete with the classy, accurate translations of a professional translator. On the other hand, the cost to use this automated translation is only pennies.

Automated translation into a foreign language is generally used by companies trying to please a friendly and forgiving audience on a lower budget or, translating the content of a web submission or email from another country to get the gist of the message. Professional translation services will sell more of your product and have more impact than translation by language software.

The automated translation built into this software has an advantage over other freebies on the internet – the ability to be trained for your own preferred expressions and to improve translation results over time. There is a Glossary feature in the Translation Center that enables you and your translators to pre-translate and control translation of selected words and expressions. To clarify this Glossary control, consider the phrase:

“Click Log In, then enter your password”

For the expression “log in”, freebie automated software on the internet often returns “in chopped wood”, and “enter” may be auto-translated as “come in”. With the Glossary Feature, you can pre-designate exactly how “log in” and “enter” should be translated in each language. The software will remember this preference for other projects.

Pros to Automated Translation: The overriding advantage to automated translation is that it is so inexpensive. Automated translation enables companies that could not otherwise translate anything to begin to provide basic support for people who speak other languages.

Cons to Automated Translation: The whole world truly wishes that automated translation would be perfect, but it is not. Automated translation produces translated text that is longer, chunkier, heavier and more stilted than text by a professional translator. Any automated translation should be “cleaned” by a native speaker. And it is important to note that good, professional translators will not clean up automated translations. Not because translators are snobs, but because they are artists, and automated translation is simply too discombobulated, even though it may be intelligible.

Whatever approach you choose to translation, enjoy this experience in the wide world of languages and global communication.