Translate Your Captions – Demo!

Take a test drive through Translate Your Captions. A project is pre-prepared for you. After login, click the top button “Translation and Review Center” to discover how your projects can be translated online with the captions that you created showing over video. Click the button ‘Reference Video’ to see the movie. Try typing in some words on the translation side, refresh the subtitles, and watch your ‘translation’ over the movie. Note the Glossary and the other features such as the Approval buttons for translator, reviewer, client, and approval for release.

Learn to timecode and split captions

You can also learn how to do online caption/subtitle creation and adjustment. Learn to split one subtitle into two for translations that are longer than the original language, or learn how to transcribe, split and tell the software where each caption starts and ends. This can be quite helpful as a support for captioners in languages they do not speak, or to make adjustments for translations that are longer than the original.

Login: ( your email address )

Password: Proj_caption

(copy the password before clicking below)

**The software functions best with browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.

When you land, click “Translation and Review Center”

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