Cost control

Subtitle Your Video was created to give you many subtitle and budget options. This software is excellent for amateurs and professionals alike. Most importantly, there are many choices of translation methods from do-it-yourself to automated translation to a simple click requesting a FREE estimate from a qualified professional translator.

Who does what?

You may undertake the subtitle project yourself in whole or in part, or choose to outsource some or all the subtitle effort.   For example, you may wish to request a professional to break down your script into subtitles and assign timecodes (the “timing” of for each subtitle), then your own team concentrates on the translation effort.   Or you can do the timecoding and translation with your team.   Yet another option is outsourcing everything to an affordable, skilled manager specializing in media and subtitle translation.

What you get

This software has many features that you cannot find elsewhere on the internet (see Comparison Chart). For example, you receive your own personal online database not shared with other customers.   This means that you can return again and again to work on your subtitles, edit, modify and add new languages, and even order and retrieve subtitles remotely.   You will also have access to optional service providers such as qualified professional translators, transcribers and captioners.   After creating your subtitles, you can click to download your own subtitled web movie – with a free subtitle player! – to drop onto your website, download an SRT file for YouTube, and download subtitle files for DVD authoring software such as Adobe, DVD Studio Pro, Encore, and similar.

What is the cost?

Costs are divided into 2 major steps:

1) Creating the subtitles and setting the timing for each subtitle

2) Translating the subtitles

In both cases, you can choose between doing everything yourself or outsourcing all or part with a click of your mouse.   Also, choose your own payment method: credit card, PayPal, online, check or account.

Cost breakdown

1) Creating the subtitles:
This is the technology that uploads a video and empowers you to easily transcribe the text from the movie (or paste existing script text), then break the text into short snippets (called “subtitles” or “captions”), and assign a time in the video where it is spoken (called “timecoding”).   Next, download a web movie in this original language, SRT file, and DVD edit list. This ensemble is called a “project”, and its value is $25.

A project can be one video or a quick DVD with a few chapters that are each separate videos. The first original language is free (e.g. English), then each subsequent language is $5. For longer videos or a series there is a bulk rate, very economical from any perspective.

2) Translating the subtitles:
The cost for translation is calculated “per word”. With this software, there are 5 ways that you can translate your subtitles.

  1. Use your own translator (no charge)
  2. Automated translation ($.02 per word), then   invite a colleague to review and refine
  3. Automated translation that is “cleaned” by a general translator ($.08 per word)
  4. Translate “wiki-style” where your members participate (no charge)
  5. Click to request the services of a qualified, professional translator (varies by language and content of your subtitles (e.g. technical, medical). Generally, $.13 – $.16 per word)

As a rule, there are approximately 150 words per minute of video, depending how quickly the voice in the video speaks. Once you have a transcription of your video you can calculate the exact cost. You can transcribe yourself here with the help of the software or order professional transcription below.

Optional add-ons

Transcription service:
Professional transcription services are available at $350 per hour of video. You may click to order.

Transcription AND timecoding service:
Professional timecoding is available paired with transcription at $675 per hour of video.

Variety of subtitle players:
You can download the free subtitle player that plays the language you assign.   Or choose from a variety of excellent subtitle players available for purchase starting at $50 on up to $500 with personalized font size and color control, fullscreen option, subtitle background overlay adjustment, and language selector. The Ultimate Platinum Player offers more with its “search” feature – type the text you are looking for, and the video jumps to that part of the movie. Each “fee player” is licensed for one website and you can use it multiple times on multiple pages of that website, forever – no time limit. However, if you want to use the player on another website, you must re-purchase for that site.

DVD and art files: tiffs, png, jpg
With iDVD, each subtitle must still be copy-pasted (hopefully improving soon).   If you are using Final Cut, you’ll need a special edit list and art files. Cost: $75. Most other DVD authoring software no longer need tiffs and almost all software handle languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean easily. The art file or Final Cut approach is not really recommended, however, because if you make changes to your subtitles you must re-run the art files (and pay again). You may wish to consider using the companion software to Final Cut – called Encore – for which you only need a text file. You can make as many changes as you want in the text file itself or online, and reload anytime for free.