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This area is specifically for conversion from one various file formats to SRT file for YouTube.   Edit lists vary with each software including DVD Studio Pro, Avid, Adobe Encore, and others plus Excel and MS Tables with columns.   An “edit list” is a file that contains at least one “in point” timecode for each corresponding subtitle text.   When exported, the file will be in the SRT file format as follows:

00:00:04,000 –> 00:00:06,000
This is the first subtitle

00:00:06,000 –> 00:00:10,000
and this displays starting at 6 seconds.

00:00:10,000 –> 00:00:14,000
This third subtitle ends at 14 seconds

Time offsets

The converter also has a “time offset” field so that if the timecode in your imported file starts, for example, at 20:00 (twenty minutes) but the YouTube movie starts at 0:00 (zero), then the timecodes will be adjusted by twenty minutes.

About the free converter

This Free Converter is new, also used by the developers of Subtitle Your Video.   It does not yet import all edit lists, and should be noted that edit lists often vary even within one source software.   Sometimes the differences are not obvious to the eye   – such as an added space or new tab that causes one edit list style not to fit the programming.

If you cannot find the edit list you need or the converter does not process as expected, use the Contact form to send a sample and we’ll add your edit list.   We welcome your feedback!

Using the free converter

The converter is enabled to convert one file in one language or a dozen language versions of that same file.   The converter will store your data only for a limited time, then will be overridden.   If there is heavy traffic and the converter becomes overloaded and hiccups, we suggest that you return when there are fewer users or submit your edit list for review by our developers.   The converter will become more robust over time.

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Important: In the converter, watch for buttons called “Tips & Tricks”, these contain important information related to your conversion.

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