Filmmakers, footage, documentaries, dialog

There are special issues for filmmakers and other languages that this software attempts to resolve.   For example, if you have extensive footage or videos with dialog this software will help you control and lower costs.


If you have a ton of footage in another language and need the least expensive method of translation in order to select potential edits, this is a great place to do it. You have 2 or 3 options at various price ranges. Just ask.

Subtitling dialog

Subtitling dialog can be more complex than subtitling basic narration for documentaries or corporate projects. Each subtitle is generally on-screen for at least 2 seconds, so there may be words spoken by two people appearing as one subtitle on the screen simultaneously. Unlike narration, there may be more than one person speaking simultaneously in dialog, and thus there is less flexibility to vary subtitle timing to allow longer audience reading time. Use the Contact fields on the right to request a free overview. Can truly save time and money. Also see the Learning Center has a page on preparing scripts for dialog subtitling.

New sources of funding

If you are a filmmaker looking for funding, you can expand your search globally by subtitling excerpts of your movie(s) and combining this with translating your web pages using our other software Translate Your Web Page.