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Automated Translation For Media

Multimedia developers and trainers have been desperate to use automated translation (aka “machine translation”) for years, yet upon closer scrutiny it has always been determined that automated translation is too inaccurate. So, companies either scratch translation completely or bite the bullet and pay the cost of using professional translators. The good news – perhaps great […]

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Converting your videos

“Conversion” is a process of passing a movie through one of many software that will change the size – both the physical screen size and the file size – of your video. There is also another type of conversion that applies to DVDs – changing a video ready for American television for European or Asian […]

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Import (upload) your video – Captions

If your video extension is:   .flv or .m4v, small in size (example:   lower resolution, 320 x 280) this is the ideal movie.   Click Upload New and upload your movie.   Click refresh every 20 seconds until status is Ready.   If you don’t have .flv or .m4v, the software converts .mov,   […]

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Translating captions online – Captions

1.   From Menu, click Project > Add Language 2.   Add your language(s) 3.   From Main Menu click Creation and Translation > Translation and Review Center 4.   Choose:   From Language, To Language, Segment name 5.   You are now in the Translation Center 6. Click the button Reference Movie at the […]

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Translating captions in a file – Captions

1.   The “owner” of the project exports a file for the translator.   The preferred is MS Word with tables.   MS tables are easy to use, have all the features including spellchecks, and are compatible with professional translation tools. 2.   From the pulldowns, choose Text file, Files for translation > Export MS […]

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Import translation from a file – Captions

1. Choose the Segment 2. Select Import Translation 3. Select Import Translation Split… 4.   Set character limit to 38 for DVD, 35 for YouTube, 32 for television captioning (try to avoid 32 for translations!!!! So, only use 32 for television) 5.   Select Importing Translation 6.   Select the language you are importing 7. […]

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Export subtitled video package for website Captions

1.             Go to the Main Menu or menu bar. 2.             Exports > Export Web Video (not Export file) 3.             Export type > Web Demos and Player 4.             Select SubtitleYourVideo Free Player […]

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Glossary / Dictionary Captions

Many companies use glossaries – or dictionaries – where they compile their favorite translations. These glossaries often include preferred translations of product names, in-house terms, marketing preferences, etc. Glossaries can be associated with one single project, or used over many projects. Make a project called Glossary. The Translation and Review Center has a feature to […]

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Change project / select other project Captions

Click Change Project under the Project heading on the Main Menu, or in the top right of the page near the browser address bar. Look for the project you wish to open and click Select Project. Projects listed under Change project are in reverse order by date of creation (i.e. the newest projects are at […]

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Add new segment Captions

Each project is broken down into segments. One segment represents one video, or one web page or one chapter. Each segment name should be 12 characters long or less, and will appear in the name of every file that is exported. Click the Add Segment button on the Main Menu and add as many segments […]

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