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Dialog subtitles for vignettes, movies, and conversations

Subtitles for dialog requires more precise timing than for narration. You will need to devote more time and effort to creating subtitles for conversations or group dialog exchanges. The first difference is to prepare your transcribed script differently for dialog than for narration. For narration (including documentaries and corporate), a blob of transcribed text is […]

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Export files and web video

Export file: Export YouTube srt file Export for DVD software Export files to send to translator Export video: Export demo subtitled web video for study and approval Export subtitled web video package for your website

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Import Files

Choose the type of file you want to import: Import translation from a file Import caption file or edit list Import text and timecodes from a file (Excel or MS Word table) Import a transcription or blob of text To Reference Area

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Setting edit points online

First, prepare the video as a digital file and click to upload to the software storage center. There is a major advantage to uploading either .flv or .m4v – these video formats are ready to use on the web, and will bypass the software’s automated converter. The converter will convert .mov or .mp4 and similar […]

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Transcribing footage online

The online Transcription Center makes transcription a fast, easy, and pleasant experience. Anyone can transcribe from anywhere, because it is all on the web with features that remove the pain associated with the transcription process. There is also a feature for timecoding your transcription to speed the editing process (especially for foreign language footage). And […]

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Using the API

API Most of the software functions and features are available to developers via an API. The API connection enables developers of web pages, subtitles, training and other applications to use the software remotely anytime and on-demand, by calling for data or functions via API. What can developers do? Send, store, auto-translate and retrieve subtitles with […]

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Using Subtitle Pro’s advanced features

for Media Pro’s For the media pro, Subtitle Your Video offers a wide variety of ways in which to create, translate, and proof subtitles. Import edit lists, Excel files, captioning files, and subtitle files from other software. Or, transcribe right online with the nifty transcription and timecoding feature. Then, manage translation easily and professionally. Your […]

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Use this software to create web movies for YouTube, websites, or DVDs. For web movies and YouTube, all   you need is a video, everything else is here.   If you are making a subtitled DVD you will also need DVD authoring software of some kind (such as DVD Studio Pro, Avid, Adobe Encore, iDVD, […]

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Starting the process

There are two approaches to subtitling included with this software: a simplified version, called Subtitle Express, and a version with more features, called Subtitle Pro. If what you want to do is simple, try the simple path: Subtitle Express. If what you want to do is more complex, try Subtitle Pro. Never fear, “complex” is […]

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Uploading your video

Please remove all spaces from the video file name, perhaps replace space with underscore. SubtitleYourVideo assumes that you have a video with one of the following extensions: .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .mpg, .avi, .wmv, .flv. If your video does not end in these extensions, email to for ways to convert the video. Each segment can […]

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