How To Use SubtitleYourVideo

SubtitleYourVideo has a simplified version called Subtitle Express, and a professional version, called Subtitle Pro. Both are available to everyone after login.

The idea behind Subtitle Express is to go straight from a video on your laptop to subtitles on the web. The software will help you transcribe the original text of the video (script), then the software will split it for you. Next you just click to identify where in your video each subtitle should appear.

Subtitle Pro has all of the Subtitle Express capabilities, but also more features that a pro might need, like the ability to import files such as transcriptions, scripts, caption files, edit lists, and more. Plus export dozens of varieties of files for web subtitling, YouTube, DVD authoring, scripts, Excel, and more.

Both Subtitle Express and Subtitle Pro empower you to do a professional job of subtitling without hours of learning or study.

What you need to start

In order to subtitle, you’ll need an original digital movie. If you have a quicktime movie, a flash movie, a movie from your website or a movie that you made with your camera, this is a great place to subtitle that movie in many languages. You can subtitle almost any movie that ends in .mov, .mp4, .flv, .m4v, .f4v, .avi, .mpg, .wmv and some other extensions. The only movies that you cannot subtitle here are movies on DVD that belong to someone else, like Hollywood movies.

Using your subtitles

An easy place to use your subtitled movie is on the web. When you have been through the process, click to download a folder that you place on your website. This software gives you a free subtitle player. Simply download and place the folder on your website and your subtitled movie works! You can also purchase more advanced, sophisticated subtitle players here for a fee.

If you create your DVDs using software like DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Premiere, or Encore, then SubtitleYourVideo will provide what you need for your project with a single click. If you use Final Cut Pro, you will need art files (like tiff or png) that you can order from this site, but Final Cut Pro has companion software, Encore, that is easier for subtitling. Encore is fully compatible with this site and does not need art files. If you are using more manual methods, such as iDVD, you may need to copy-paste subtitles and copy-paste the timecodes that you set here into iDVD.