3D – Subtitling 3D movies on the web!

Put on your 3D glasses and watch this clip come alive!

The 3D test clip below by www.on-lineproductions.com is framed in Subtitle Your Video’s Gold Player with Search. The player acts as any normal player until the user click the red CC (closed captions) button to view subtitles.

Click the PLAY arrow, then click the red CC button to try the player features – change font size, change font color, use the slider-ball to adjust the translucency behind the subtitles, then try the Search. On the bottom of the player, click the Face icon and the video will rise above the subtitles for easy reading of subtitles. Click the diagonal arrow icon and the player will explode to full screen.


Multiple Language Player with Search (gold):

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3D test clip by www.on-lineproductions.com