Import (upload) your video – Captions

If your video extension is:   .flv or .m4v, small in size (example:   lower resolution, 320 x 280) this is the ideal movie.   Click Upload New and upload your movie.   Click refresh every 20 seconds until status is Ready.   If you don’t have .flv or .m4v, the software converts .mov,   .mp4, avi, and .wmv into web movies.   If your video ends in .mpg, change the extension to .mp4.       Do not upload .f4v movies, please.   Large movies may take a long time to upload and long time to convert online, so if you can possibly convert to smallish .flv or .m4v before uploading that would be great! (See Footnote 1)

Footer: Monster-size videos can clog the online conversion feature for a long time and slow down your use of this software. So, if you have video converters, please convert to low resolution .flv or .m4v, smallish in size before uploading. This online version of the video is only needed for subtitle creation/translation. For your final subtitled video for your site, you can swap the low resolution for high resolution video.

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