Translating captions online – Captions

1.   From Menu, click Project > Add Language

2.   Add your language(s)

3.   From Main Menu click Creation and Translation >
Translation and Review Center

4.   Choose:   From Language, To Language, Segment name

5.   You are now in the Translation Center

6. Click the button Reference Movie at the top of the field, and note the buttons on the reference movie.

6.   Type your translation, and click SAVE

7.   In the lower left, there is a Glossary (dictionary) where you can add preferred translations or words that you do not want translated, such as product names.     Click Add/Edit to add to the Glossary.   The next time you come into the Translation Center, these words will appear in a field near each the appropriate subtitle.   See the pulldown View at the top of the rows.

9.   Alternative: see “Translating subtitles in a file”

Go Reference Area