Translating captions in a file – Captions

1.   The “owner” of the project exports a file for the translator.   The preferred is MS Word with tables.   MS tables are easy to use, have all the features including spellchecks, and are compatible with professional translation tools.

2.   From the pulldowns, choose Text file, Files for translation > Export MS as table for translation

3.   Choose the “from language”   (usually the original language of the video)

4.   Choose MS-Word (table)

5.   Click Save, Continue Export

6   Choose the Segment

7.   Click Generate Export

8.   Wait on this Export Status page, and periodically click Refresh on the page or your browser, until finished, then click the Download link and send the file to your translator.   There is a column in the file with the “from language” version of the subtitles and a blank column where your translator will insert the translation.

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