Export subtitled video package for website Captions

1.             Go to the Main Menu or menu bar.

2.             Exports > Export Web Video (not Export file)

3.             Export type > Web Demos and Player

4.             Select SubtitleYourVideo Free Player or the fee player you have ordered (single language launches automatically in one language.   With multi-language, the user chooses the language.) For more on players, click here.

5.             The line character limit (here “38”) is a reflection of your earlier setting. If nothing selected, choose “38”.

6.   Select offset “3 frames” as the standard for SYV players.

7.             Select the –Split version of your segment (e.g. Segment1-Split) if exists

8.             Select:   Download package for web development

89.             Enter the 4 paths that define the folders where you place each of the following:   movie, subtitle XML, the Player, and your basic website URL

10.             Select Single Language options or Multiple language options

11.       Page layout: for Single choose “One language per page”.   For Multi-Language select “All Languages on one page”

12.       Set video dimensions: e.g. Width:   380 Height: 240 (export will auto-add 20 pixels to height to accommodate the player)

13.       Click Generate Export.   This takes you to the Export Pickup age.

14.       Click the Refresh button periodically until the word Download appears in a wide green bar.   Click “Download”, unzip, and upload the entire folder to your specified website’s folder.


It is possible that when you open your exported file in a text editor, you may see some strange characters. In fact, your text may look like a mess! But don’t type in the file, don’t change anything, rather first try it in the the receiving software (e.g. YouTube, Subtitle Your Video player, other player…). 98% of the time the text will be flawless. If, however, the text is a jumble, you probably tried to import a file that was neither ascii nor UTF8. For example, perhaps the original text was encoded as Windows-Japanese. Re-import your file, changing the import encoding to Windows-Japanese, then re-export and re-test on the end-software.

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