Glossary / Dictionary Captions

Many companies use glossaries – or dictionaries – where they compile their favorite translations. These glossaries often include preferred translations of product names, in-house terms, marketing preferences, etc.

Glossaries can be associated with one single project, or used over many projects. Make a project called Glossary. The Translation and Review Center has a feature to add individual entries to the Glossary. To import Glossary additions as a file, just add a new segment to the Glossary project and import file. The name of this segment is very important, because it must have the same first 4 letters of the project with which you want the Glossary to be associated.


You create a Glossary project with a Glossary segment named “UPS1” or “UPS1a”

Then, when you create a new project named “UPS1DHL”, this new project will call up this glossary for the translators because both the project name and the glossary segment name start with “UPS1”.

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