Transcribing footage online

The online Transcription Center makes transcription a fast, easy, and pleasant experience. Anyone can transcribe from anywhere, because it is all on the web with features that remove the pain associated with the transcription process.

There is also a feature for timecoding your transcription to speed the editing process (especially for foreign language footage). And a feature for automated translation of your footage transcription into English or into other languages. You can do massive first-pass translations, potentially saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary translation of footage you would not wish to include in your final edit.

Curing transcription pain

If you don’t have special transcription software and setup and if you have ever tried to transcribe significant amounts of footage using digital movie players, it is a miserable experience. It is so easy to click the wrong player Arrow, making the inpoint fly backward or forward. You become lost, and must hunt for the matching text in your file.

By pressing Pause, you have just enough time to forget everything you just heard as you busily type as fast as your fingers can fly. Then, when you try to rewind just a few seconds using the player slider, somehow your mouse never quite lands on that tiny little contact point and the movie jumps backward or forward to. . . who knows where.

Even worse, the movie player always seems to be located in the most awkward position possible on your computer screen compared to the file in which you are typing. So you rush to slide your mouse to the far side of the screen to hit that right (or wrong) arrow then rush your mouse back to your file, try to click at the end point of the document and type – by which time you have forgotten 50% of what you just heard, and that 50% fades fast as you try desperately to remember the other 50%.

Transcription made easy

The Transcription Center solves the awkwardness and discomfort (and frustration) with the current transcription approach. The Transcription Center is a throw-back to the dictation machine days, with a wonderful and conveniently placed button called “Back 10 seconds” that replays the audio you just forgot, and gives your flying fingers time to catch up.

The Transcription Center is for anyone, anywhere, anytime – in any language. Any person can transcribe right on the web. No need to download or install software; just type a password, click to start the movie, and type.

Proofing and timecoding the transcription

Proofing and timecoding is quick and fun, like playing a video game. Once you finish your first pass on the transcription and it is time to review your work, you can either review the block of text as-is (in a blob), or click a button and the transcription will split into rows. As the video plays, click when you hear the beginning of each sentence and proofread as you click. This both sets edit points, in case you need them, and also makes it possible to jump around in the transcription, now and later – and know exactly where you will land.

Once timecoded, the text row will appear on the movie screen over the video, so that you can actually read the transcription as if it were long subtitles and verify that you understood correctly. Reading and watching the video simultaneously is often helpful, as it may catch more nuances or changes of speaker that you missed or misunderstood.

Foreign footage translation

If you are working with foreign footage, you can ask almost anyone with a good command of the language to transcribe. No training necessary, so translators, colleagues and friends can transcribe. These same people can set timecodes, too, because they speak the language and setting timecodes is a breeze.

Once transcribed and timecoded, one click automatically translates the entire transcription with the built-in automated translation tool.This gives you an idea of content and text location in the footage and potentially saves you hundreds or thousands of dollars in wasted professional translation service if your footage is extremely long and not all of it is needed for your final edit.

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