Using Subtitle Pro’s advanced features

for Media Pro’s

For the media pro, Subtitle Your Video offers a wide variety of ways in which to create, translate, and proof subtitles. Import edit lists, Excel files, captioning files, and subtitle files from other software. Or, transcribe right online with the nifty transcription and timecoding feature. Then, manage translation easily and professionally. Your translators can translate online or in Microsoft Word that will re-import into Subtitle Your Video, so that the translator can use their favorite translation memory software such as Trados and DejaVu. After translation, download a subtitle demo for your client to view and approve on your website, or your client can come into Subtitle Your Video through the secret, unbranded “back door” and not only approve but also modify or personalize the subtitle text.

for Translators

A pro translator can offer web movie subtitling services to anyone with a web video. The video is all that is needed. The translator uses Subtitle Your Video to create the ready-to-use web video for the client to drop onto their website, or provide the client with edit lists for the client’s DVD software. Subtitle Your Video is compatible with Trados and DejaVu, and such files can be imported and blended with in this online subtitle software.

for Amateurs

Subtitle Express was created for each subtitling, but Subtitle Pro has more features. If you’re an amateur with a file that is Excel or MS Word with tables, and the tables contain the correct in-point timecodes and subtitle text, you can use the Pro import feature to import only the relevant rows that apply to your project, and follow the instructions to do-it-yourself in a professional manner. You’ll be amazed how successful you will be. But as a general rule, Subtitle Express is more suited to amateurs.

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