Use this software to create web movies for YouTube, websites, or DVDs. For web movies and YouTube, all   you need is a video, everything else is here.   If you are making a subtitled DVD you will also need DVD authoring software of some kind (such as DVD Studio Pro, Avid, Adobe Encore, iDVD, and others.)

You can work on your subtitles in SubtitleYourVideo then work on your subtitle translations until all is exactly as you desire. Unlike other software, you can come back again and again to modify and update. Your subtitle text will be stored for a very long time. And more, your online database is yours alone, not shared with anyone else, so there is no worry about privacy.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to create subtitles – whether you speak the language or not. Then it is easy to translate your subtitles with your own translators, or use the Contact fields to request a cost estimate for the services of a qualified professional translator, or click for automated translation then ask a colleague or friend to review and refine the automated translation. Then, for final approval, invite people to review your movie online before going “live”.

A very attractive free subtitle player comes with your project, so after you have made your subtitles, just click and your ready-to-use web movie will download – just unzip and place on your website. That’s it! Your free player will play the language you designate and even blow up to play full screen. You can download free players for all your languages. Also available are advanced subtitle players with that play multiple languages, enable you to set font size and font color, and even “search” capabilities.

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