Uploading your video

Please remove all spaces from the video file name, perhaps replace space with underscore. SubtitleYourVideo assumes that you have a video with one of the following extensions: .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .mpg, .avi, .wmv, .flv. If your video does not end in these extensions, email to support@subtitleyourvideo.com for ways to convert the video.

Each segment can have a corresponding video file.   The best videos for online software have extensions .flv or .m4v. Files with extensions .mov, .wmv, mp4, and some .avi and .mpg will be processed by our online converter in order to be compatible with the web.   Do not upload .f4v please.   Monster-size videos can clog the online conversion feature for a long time and slow down your use of this software. So, if you have video converters, please convert to low resolution .flv or .m4v, smallish in size before uploading. This online version of the video is only needed for the process of subtitle creation/translation. For your final subtitled video for your site, you can swap the low resolution for high resolution video.

Uploading Your Video

To upload your video, next to the segment that corresponds to your video, click Upload New and browse for the file on your computer. Click Upload. Do not leave the page during upload, or may stop uploading. Click Refresh periodically until finished.

Coming soon! Very soon, our software will draw your movie directly from YouTube while you work on the subtitles here online, without uploading your movie here. Ask support@subtitleyourvideo.com for updates on our progress.

If you are a multimedia professional, producer, editor, director or if you have many videos or very long videos,   it is our recommendation that you upload .flv or .m4v versions.   If you upload high numbers of videos or long videos that are not .flv or .m4v, you will need to wait – perhaps a very long time – for them all to convert for the web.     And everyone else using this software must also wait while your videos convert (sorry!).   The kindest thing to do is to upload .flv or .m4v if you possibly can.   If you cannot — we’ll all forgive you and wait!